Stick to bottom on popups, image loading and layers panel

I´m having 2 problems with 4.0 (also with 4.0.3)
The stick to bottom feature on popups it’s not working well if the browser has the search bar on the bottom, like on iOS (Safari and Chrome).

What the stick to bottom should do (like on a full width box):

What it does:

Also having problems when a page loads, at loading images. They are missing for a few seconds and then they load.

This is an example with 4.0: PlayBuds - Divo
This is an example with the latest 3.0 version: PlayBuds - Divo

I´m having problems also with the layers panel, sometimes if I select one thing on the canvas it doesn’t shows the selected layer on the layer panel.

Thanks for the feedback. I think you’ll realize nobody in this community can fix them, so email is better.

Noted on the fixed to bottom popup.

The image loading delay in Sparkle 4 appears to be to a new loading strategy, that’s delayed by the ~7MB autoplaying video further down in the page. If you can send the project file we are working on improving this and that could help.

Not sure about the layer panel comment, I can’t say I have noticed what you say, what would be best is a list of steps like 1) do this, 2) do that, 3) the layer isn’t shown.

Sent :wink: Thanks for your support.