Stick to top Layers?

I have a stick to top hero, and found I don’t have a call to action, which I would like to add.

I would like it to be hidden, then have it land on the top of the hero pict, text etc.

I can’t figure out how to use the layers to get the white color box to cover the Call to action for hiding, and then have the call to action slide into place over the top of the hero, while the white box that was covering the call to action, goes away, slips behind the hero?

Is it possible?

I watched the video which makes sense but they don’t have a hero at the top already in place.

Only thing that comes to mind is to compose a sticky group that contains the call to action, with a box that occludes the call to action. The box is not part of the sticky group so it will scroll away.

Something like this:


Thanks, I’ll attempt that. Not quite what I had oil mind, but worth a look.

That’s neat Duncan! Thanks for sharing that.