Stick-to-top menu does not work anymore

I am editing a site that has been working well. The menu stuck to the top as designed. After changing a few elements on the site (not in the menu), the stick-to-top feature has stopped working, even though the correct settings are selected, as shown in the screenshot.
I thank you advance for your help,
Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 14.56.27

Hi @PFata, welcome!

If you could send us the project file to we’ll take a look at what the issue is.

Thank you for an extremely quick and helpful response to my email! This is amazing customer support!

I have realised, when you use Block Layouts as header then it won’t stick on top and slides backwards if the content that slides up.
Maybe that’s a big, not sure.

Making a header and group it and don’t put it in a layout block works as usual.