Sticky (repeating) header except for 1 page

I have created a sticky header, which is repeating on all pages. Great!
However, on 1 page, I don’t want to have this header. But if I delete it, it deletes the header on all pages.

Can this be done?

Hello @HPee
Yes. It can be done.

First: Create a new section, with the Plus-button as described here:

Then move all pages that use the “sticky header” to this new section, except the one page, that you don’t want to be included. That page should be outside this section.

Then go to the “Arrange Inspection” tab, and in the “Visibility” section choose: “Show on all pages in this section” for the sticky header.

After that all pages in your section should show the sticky header except the one page not in this section.

I hope this helps. Otherwise please ask again. It’s late here, I am a bit tired and I’m not sure I’m making sense. :grinning:

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Yes! It worked! Thank you so much! You are the best!

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I’m glad it worked. :+1:
Thank you for your kind words.