STL Dateien anzeigen - Show STL files


I’m not sure if there’s a way to integrate such files into a website, but you do have the option to animate videos during scrolling with Sparkle 5. If you create a video of your 3D objects, you can integrate it into your website and enable this setting to give the impression of a 3D image.

You can find an example of this feature in the “Mindful+” theme included with Sparkle.

Danke das hilft schon mal…

Thanks that helps already…

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Maybe you can make n iframe (or an external link) for a website that can show STL-files? Example:

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super danke für den link… das werde ich versuchen zu installieren…

great thanks for the link… i will try to install this…

I just tried it and it works perfectly! :blush:

wie wird denn dann der viewstl aufgerufen wenn alles auf dem server ist?
Und wie kann ich dann (also meine stl dateien) anzeigen lassen?

wenn Du mir kurz unter die arme greifen könntest wäre das sehr nett von dir :slight_smile:

how is the viewstl called when everything is on the server? And how can I then (i.e. my stl files) be displayed? if you could give me a hand, that would be very nice of you

When you are on the website, close the popup that appears and click on “embed” at the bottom. Then, paste the URL of your .stl file in the top left corner, adjust the options below as desired, and once you’re done, copy the code at the top. All you have to do now is paste this code into an embed in Sparkle, save it, and resize the embed as desired.

danke das werde ich mal testen ob ich damit zurecht komme :slight_smile:

thank you I will test whether I get along with it :slight_smile:

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sag mal wie rufe ich denn das viewstl auf?


tell me how do I call the viewstl?

thank you

I need more details to be able to help you…
I explained the steps earlier. What are you unable to do?

ich habe alles wie beschrieben auf den Server geladen nun muß ich den code noch in die index.html einfügen… muß ich das ganz oben eintragen oder wo am besten eintragen?
wenn ich dies gemacht habe wie kann ich dann den viewer per browser aufrufen?

vielen dank

I have loaded everything as described on the server now I have to insert the code in the index.html… do I have to enter this at the top or where best to enter?
if I have done this how can I call the viewer via browser?

thanks a lot

Normally, if you have done everything correctly on the website, you should see the final result below “Preview” with your 3D file. Once you have obtained the code (which starts and ends with iframe), go to Sparkle and add an “embed” element. A square will appear, and on the right side, you will see a text area (“content to embed”). Paste the entire iframe code into it and click the save button. Make sure to disable the “activate after consent” option if you have it. Then, you can move and resize the embed element on your page as desired, and it will be displayed on your site where you placed it.

jetzt wird es klarer :slight_smile:

doch wo im index.html wird denn dieser code am besten eingefügt:

now it becomes clearer :slight_smile:

but where in the index.html is inserted because this code best:

Sorry, I didn’t understand your question :sweat_smile:

ich muss doch diesen code:

<script src="stl_viewer.min.js"></script>
<div id="stl_cont"></div>
	var stl_viewer=new StlViewer(document.getElementById("stl_cont"), { models: [ {id:0, filename:"mystl.stl"} ] });

in die Index.html einfügen?

wo wird dieser am besten dort eingefügt?

I must have this code:

<script src="stl_viewer.min.js"></script>
<div id="stl_cont"></div>
	var stl_viewer=new StlViewer(document.getElementById("stl_cont"), { models: [ {id:0, filename:"mystl.stl"} ] });

insert into the Index.html?

where is this best inserted there?

I apologize, I didn’t do what you explained. You need to do the following:

1 - Close the popup
2 - Click on Embed
3 - Enter the URL to your .stl file (example:
4 - Copy the code by clicking the button
5 - In Sparkle, place an embed wherever you want on the page
6 - Paste the code and save

ich muss also nichts per ftp auf meinen server installieren?

so i don’t need to install anything via ftp on my server?

You need to host your .stl file for step 3, unless your file is hosted on another website.

ok jetzt hab ich es verstanden :slight_smile: ich dachte ich muß das GitHub File installieren :slight_smile:
Vielen dank für deine Geduld…

ok now i got it :slight_smile: i thought i have to install the GitHub file :slight_smile:
Thanks for your patience…

No, that is not necessary with this method.

You’re welcome! :blush:

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