Strange effect on full page view on Apple iPad

I observe an interesting effect - but only when viewing the page on an iPad (landscape mode). When the “Über mich” page is accessed from the main menu, the page initially appears slightly smaller left-aligned until the text in the header (“Über mich”) is “flown in” from the right, at which point the page first adjusts to the full page width. On a desktop computer the effect is not visible. I assume it’s due to the page header “flying in” from the right, since that apparently starts outside the normal viewing area and then changes automatically. The effect occurs equally on Safari and Firefox.
I have uploaded a test to my test server: Link : (removed)

This is inevitable when you have a single device, just because of how the layout is created.

The problem disappears once you create multiple device layouts.

Hello Duncan
First of all - thanks for the quick reply! That’s outstanding support!

But I don’t think this is the problem here (but it could be in general). In fact, I created a second test page, just without animating the title. On this page, the effect described above is not observed on the iPad. So I actually think it is due to the animation of the title - which “flies in” from the right.
The second test page (no animation) can be found here: (removed)

Yes the animation is obviously part of the problem. If the animation is horizontal on the right side of the screen, it will make the whole content wider for a bit, causing the problem.

Removing the animation or making it vertical can solve the problem, but if you want to keep it then adding multiple devices creates a different layout that works.

Thanks again, Duncan. I’ll try and keep you posted.

Fixed :grinning:
I still don’t really understand why, but in deed, just by adding multiple devices it works correctly!
Thank’s again, Duncan