Strange effect with a wide box

Accidentally I found a strange effect made with a wide box.
I created a wide box, filled it with a picture, fixed it. Then I wanted to change the position of this box. Accidentally I pulled the lower border over the upper border. First I did not notice that I pulled only the lower border above the upper border. In the canvas the box seams to be normal. But when I opened the preview in this wrong pulled over box I can see a strange mirror effect when I scroll down. The picture in this box is now reversed and upside down. Nice effect. Did anyone know it?
For a test I show this effect on my test-website
Scroll a little bit down and you can see it.
Just I noticed that this effect can be best seen in Safari, Chrome and Opera Browser. In Firefox and on the iPad you can see only a mirror-effect but it does not scroll with (…on my machines. May be it works on yours…)

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Yeah, I’ve had that “bug” before. Didn’t really know how to recreate though. It actually looks pretty cool. Would love to be able to have more effects and animations.