Strange files in my web site

I found a lot a .png files in my site, like:

What are they for? Is it normal?


These are icons created by Sparkle. They are used by various devices as favicons. Basically, if your site is bookmarked on a device, it will add an icon to the home screen of the device so that you can have one-click access to the website. On PC’s and Laptops, the favicon will show in the browser address bar or tabs. It will also create an icon for saved bookmarks. These are perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

Thanks francbrowne!!

They can look a bit intimidating at first, with all those numbers at the end, but that’s only a timestamp, all run together: 2020 09 03 13:15:34 = Sept 3 at 1:15 pm. :nerd_face:

And by the way we have changed that in sparkle 3 to be more anonymous.