Strange image gallery bug?

Greetings! Im working in the new Sparkle 5 and i think i’ve found a bug.
This is the site:

On the front page is an image gallery. All of the images load and display on the desktop size. But when i go to the phone size, only the first two images load, and the rest wont. One of them is the same before the update, the two others are “new”.

Any ideas? Tried viewing in safari and chrome



Indeed, it must be a bug. The missing images on mobile are actually present on your server and display correctly when accessed from Safari for computers in mobile format.

To quickly resolve the issue, if your project is not too heavy, you can send your project directly from Sparkle using the menu: Help > Send Current Document as Feedback.

I concur @safoster71, something funny is going on in the mobile device with your sliding Image Gallery.

it is sent. (also why must a post have at least 20 characters? seems a pretty long requirement for a simple idea)