Strange line break

this is a screen shot of a page on Sparkle (left) & Safari (from live preview). Why is the last line broken up in the browser? This also happens on the uploaded version on both the Mac & the iPad. I deleted and and then retyped the line, but it still split in the browser. I tried moving the buttons away from the text, but that didn’t help either.

Hi @Chaya, hard to say from the screenshot, could you send the project file to so we can take a look? Thanks.

Was “text wrap” set by mistake? You can’t see that right away.

Mr. F.

Yes, to me, it appears that those purple birds are forcing the text to wrap.
Try removing the birds and see if that fixes the text issue.

Another tool I use sometimes is BB Edit. ( Bare Bones Software ) Paste any text into it and use the tool that removes all line breaks…this ensures that no hidden
commands are lurking inside your text. After using the tool, copy and paste your text back onto your webpage.