Stripe Payments

Anyone get Stripe to work on version 3? I get the buttons to appear but they are not clickable?

Think I got it now. But cant figure out custom amounts?

Hi @jjburford, for Stripe buttons the pricing is entirely configured in the Stripe dashboard, so you’ll need to ask their support about any issue.

I did. They said sparkle would need to make a custom payment option.

Sorry I’m not sure what the issue is. Could you clarify, perhaps explaining what you are selling and what the custom amount is, and how this affects the Sparkle integration with stripe?

The way the API is setup now, you have to make a “product” to set a price. You can’t have a blank where the customer enters in a custom price. Stripe says it would require changes to the API sparkle uses.

Yes that’s the API we are using now. It’s stripe’s new server-less API, doesn’t require a server side component to handle the transaction. We might add that in the future, but right now you need to create a product (what stripe class a “price id”) on their dashboard.

But again, if you can explain why you need this, we can better understand and prioritize our work.

Example this client wants more flexible pricing after seeing the size and layout for a house. So she wants the client to be able to pay a custom amount based on an estimate.