Structured data in the head tag

I want to add some structured data in the head of my page.
Can I add it just with the code insert tool and past the code generated? or I have to add in the beginning the “head code” and next my structured data?

Thanks for your help.

@tanyyys, At this stage we are unable to place any code snippets in the head tag of a page, but yes you can use the Embed element to place the code and if is is code that has to fire early in the page load then keep the Embed element closer to the top of your page.

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Thanks! I’ve done that and works perfectly. :grin:

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What code are you needing to add specifically?

Hi Duncan,
I added some structured data for the page, like: organization name, image, alternate name, RRSS, telephone and language.
It could be awesome if in the next version of Sparkle we can be able to add this structured data from the menu “Adjustments”.

Thanks Duncan!

Would you be more specific? What tags did you add exactly?

Hi Duncan,
I’ve added these tags:


I have now the same problem, I would like to add some information into the head.
So I would very happy, if in the site-settings would be a box, where I can but the code. So it is in every push in the head.

I even think about to make this after every change with macOS Automator, but that's not a good solution.

Maybe it is one of the things that come with Sparkle 3?! :grinning: