Stupid question, how do you draw a line in Sparkle?

Hi –

Stupid question, how do you draw a line in Sparkle?


Use a 1,2, 3px high or whatever thickness you want box or use a wide box for full width line.

Great thanks. A bit tricky when trying to drag the middle handles to make it wider. Plus trying to click on it to select when it’s 1 point is very hard to do. A line tool would probably have been easier. Possibly the only thing I’ve found so far I don’t like though!

Then first use a large box when setting the width. Then make it your desired height. Or use the size input field in the right window.

You can drag a selection box with your mouse around it to select it.

When selected, you can also move it with the size input field or arrow keys.

Easy does it.

I make a transparent box and give it a border.

Thanks for your replies and suggestions, appreciated. I’ve tried these and while they work, it would be much easier to have a line tool in the same way that Everweb has. Maybe this is something I should post as a feature request rather than here. Thanks again.

I use the underline feature,which is a line.

Is that in the text box?