Subfolders and index.html

Hi there,
Is there a way to automatically place an “index.html” file in each of the subfolders created by Sparkle?

Let me explain: if, for example, I create my blog pages in a blog directory, it is accessible via the browser and the files that are found are visible to everyone.
If you configure an “index.html” in all these subfolders, this will be read automatically.

Maybe one of you has seen this problem before?
thank you


Looks like a badly configured web server to me. This should be turned off by default.

I see two ways to stop this:

(1) create a .htaccess file.

Place the following line in an .htaccess file in your domain’s folder to disable directory indexes throughout your entire site:

Options -Indexes

Now, if someone tries to browse the contents of any directory of your site, they’ll get a 403 (Forbidden) error.

But this is a bit complicated.

(2) rename the blog index to index.php (instead of blog-index.php).

Mr. F.

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Hello @Mr_Fozzie ,
once again thank you, your answer solved my problem of “index.html”.
I used the .htaccess method which works perfectly.

Good day to you