Subfolders in (JS) are empty

Hi there.

I just checked my webspace with FileZilla and noticed that the subfolders in the JS Folder (one for each section / clean URL, i have in my project) are empty. I remember that there have been .js files in the past.

Did that change with Version 5?
Is it a bug?
Is it safe to delete these folders?
Should i wait for an update and republish?

Please advice. Thank you.
Mr. F.

Hi @Mr_Fozzie :wave:t2:

No, Sparkle 5 hasn’t changed that. It’s surprising that none of your sites have any JavaScript files. Are your sites functioning properly (animations, pop-ups, etc.)?

Hi Allan.

I did not write that there are no .js files :kissing_heart: .
There are many in the JS folder itself.
And yes, the website seems to be fully functional (dropdown menus, animations, popups and more).

Only the subfolders in the JS folder are empty.

Mr. F.

Sorry, I read a bit too quickly.

I just checked on my side, and it appears that indeed, Sparkle 5 no longer generates subfolders in the js folder. All the files are placed directly in the js folder. So yes, you should be able to safely delete all the empty subfolders without any issues. :blush:


If that is the case now, Sparkle could have deleted those subfolders on its own as well.
But I am still waiting for the divine :innocent: confirmation from Italy :it:.

Mr. F.

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