Submenu possible?

I am attaching a screenshot of what I’ve done so far with my navigation menu. I would like to have another set of submenu buttons, extending out from the button Faial. Is this possible? Or, is what I’ve already setup here considered a submenu?

Hey, it is possible if you use “Normal” popups to create a mega-menu style. Via the “Menu” widget, it is not possible.

Using the mega-menu approach would have to start your menu from the scratch. You can read more about it here.

Thank you very much! I will read up on that, for sure!

That looks exactly what I want for my site. Now, to figure it all out! I have read the suggested page in documentation and tried to follow the steps but it isn’t working for me. Obviously, I’m not doing it right! Other than that documentation, is there ANY easy-to-follow directions on creating ‍mega ‍menus? I have looked for videos also but didn’t find anything helpful on that. Thank you for your help!


Hi Kathy. I have used pop ups successfully for larger menus. Perhaps you could supply a screen shot, or a link to your website so we could follow more closely.
When your using more complicated menus and pop ups, you’d have to reimagine your menu system. Providing more information will help those problem solve for you.

Thank you for the suggestions. I should have known better but I will remember next time I ask for help. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it now. So, I will try to muddle on thru. :slight_smile: