Submission of images with a form?

Hi everyone,
is there a way - simple or otherwise - to allow a person to attach image/s when submitting a form?
Thx, Rohan

Sorry @Retroh, not in Sparkle as is but it has been requested several times so I’m sure it could be coming to Sparkle in the near future.

I’m sure others will help and chip-in letting you know that you can use a third-party form allowing for “attach image” that you can embed into your Sparkle project.

Thanks GS - hope it’s coming soon…

You could use a third-party script such as PHP Jabber’s Contact Form Generator. This will allow you to create a contact form that includes file upload fields. The form itself is created in the back-end admin area of the script. It’s then incorporated into your Sparkle website with a piece of code that you add to an embed widget.

Your web hosting account must support PHP for this option to work. The developer will install it for you if you are unfamiliar with setting up PHP/mySQL scripts on your server. The script itself is not free, however, once you have it installed somewhere, it can be used to create many forms for any website. HERE is a sample form placed in a Sparkle Webpage. You will also note that the form script has its own captcha to minimise spam submissions.

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OK - will definitely try that… but I do hope Sparkle integrates it in an upcoming release…