Such a Newbie... I am I am... Input lists, schedules, calendars, etc

Such excellent and immediate response on my first questions means I will bug this community more frequently. No good deed goes unpunished.

I am attempting to set up a “game night” website for my neighborhood, allowing neighbors to get together and socialize playing cards, board games, etc.

Two key features I would like the website to have:
(1) The ability for people to sign-in to the site, and then give ‘checkbox’ feedback on what games they plan on attending. It would be nice to have this time-stamped, though I guess I guess set up a script with my e-mail that when they check the box it sends an email that has the time-stamp.

(2) A calendar template so neighbors can quickly see what is scheduled.

Does Sparkle have any built-in capabilities that would make these 2 features easier to setup?

Looking through the help I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me.

(For those who are thinking, why not use Facebook or Evite… Many people do not use Facebook and do not want to use Facebook, and Evite does not provide a nice platform for pictures and other nicely organized content which I would like to include in the site.)

Hi @deckhole,

Sparkle doesn’t have that functionality built-in, you need a web developer to build it for you. It is also possible for a developer to integrate this with Sparkle. While it’s unlikely you will find someone that has direct experience with Sparkle, integration isn’t hard.

duncan, while I am not a web developer, I do have quite a bit of programming experience (Wolfram, C/C++, Java, Assembly, Fortran, Forth and scripting languages, Bash, Scheme etc.) though it has almost exclusively been for modeling and simulation calculations, not GUI end-user application work. Anyway, my point is, I am very comfortable learning some PERL or PHP or whatever would be best to accomplish this task. I have even considered just learning a bunch of HTML and coding everything… but I am looking for the most time efficient solution. Meaning, I don’t mind learning a new scripting language if that will get me to a solution, but if something is already canned and ready to go… I’ll use it. I am not going to hire anyone for this particular task.

Understood. We do not provide support for coding (it turns into case-by-case consulting very quickly). The entry points for any Sparkle integration are the embed box, where you generally place PHP and javascript, and the feature to show the element id (misc site settings), that you then use to hook up JS to the page.


Again, thanks for the great support and such rapid responses. And I was not requesting or expecting coding support. My question was if there was anything built-in or plug-ins available, etc. I would never expect to have anyone work on custom code (though on Stack-Exchange it does happen sometimes.)

Thanks again,


For #2, I suggest making a calendar in Google Calendar, and then embed the code from Google Calendar onto the Sparkle site using the Embed element. Search for “embed a google calendar on my website” and you will find the help article on how this is accomplished.

For #1, you may simply want to use Google Forms.

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Great suggestions, thanks!

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Sparkle doesn’t have a plugin architecture.