Suggestions for web-site quotations/contracts

After we made the first websites for free it is time to professionalise and start quoting and try to win the first paying customer. What are important issues to integrate in a website quotation/contract? Any suggestions where we can find information? Thanks and regards, Suzanne & Hans

You should start with a good contract/agreement. The one linked below is very thorough and can be easily customised to suit your needs. Just copy and paste the paragraphs into a new word processor document and then save it as a template.

Web Design Agreement

This second document is one we use in our own business. It helps you when conducting an interview with a potential client to ensure you get the essential information you will need. This is NOT a document you would send to the client.

Web Design Brief


@francbrowne thank you very much for this helpfull information. I’ve just contacted my first potential customer who has a WP-site and was open for better alternatives… To be continued. Again many thanks!

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Thank you so much for sharing.

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