Summary / Pagination

What are the steps to change the interval of pagination?

OK, so maybe I did not use the correct understanding of the term “pagination”
On the Blog Index page in the leftmargin construction sidebar, the bottom of the Blog Index page presents a row of choices for how many blogs are shown when the USER is viewing the Blog Index page.
I wanted 3 only. It rarely seemed to work. Now for some reason it does work. I’m keeping my hands off it, to avoid changes.

When deleting unwanted blog pages later… Something seems to upset the overlying items shown in Layers (at the top Pages / Layers).
If I delete a few old blog pages, then I must go through ALL blogs each time and reset any moved layers so that Menu and the first Box element are at the top of the stack for each page.
When that is not done the submenus dropping down from the top horizontal menu located in the Banner do not work reliably.

I don’t know why…