SVG on Sparkle Canvas not displaying correctly

Using Sparkle 2.8.1

I created a simple shape, filled with a gradient (green and blue), in Affinity Designer and exported it as SVG.


After importing the SVG into Sparkle it shows only one colour: blue.

The SVG is not displayed correctly on the “Sparkle Canvas”. But on the “Style – Image” sidebar, the SVG is displayed correctly (in the small preview section).

When I export the project to the web, the SVG is exported and displayed correctly, with the gradient. So this “bug” is only happening while working on the canvas in Sparkle.

At first I thought that maybe I had done “something wrong” with Affinity Designer, so I downloaded a few SVGs with a gradient from pixabay. The same problem. SVGs with a gradient will not display correctly on the canvas.

Does anybody else have this problem and maybe a solution? :thinking:
Or maybe it’s just a bug … that will be fixed.

Thanks in advance! :relaxed::+1:

I just did some testing … :grinning:

I opened Sparkle 2.7.2 and the same SVG with the gradient is displayed correctly on the canvas!

So this is a bug that came with Sparkle 2.8 or 2.8.1

Thought I let you know @duncan
Thanks in advance … :+1:

Please email the SVG to

Thank you @duncan :+1:
I just mailed you the files.

I have another general question:

Is it better to report any bugs by mail, or post here in the forum?
I wasn’t sure I was doing the “right thing” …

Hard to say, you would need to figure out that’s it’s a bug, and that’s not always obvious. I guess either is ok.

@duncan confirmed that this issue is fixed in the next update: 2.8.2
Thank you! :+1::blush: