SVG overlapping Image - still see image at the edges


I tried overlapping an SVG file over a photo but I can still see the image through on the left, right and bottom most edges of the SVG (see screenshot). It’s tiny, maybe 1px, but it’s visible. I checked in the Arrange tab and both the photo and SVG are correctly 960px wide. I also checked the original SVG file and it’s edge to edge.

I tried tweaking things but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!

This suggests that there may be a tiny border around your svg. It could be a transparent border if it’s the image showing through. The easiest way to check would be to nudge the underlying image up by about 1 pixel - this should make the bottom border disappear. I assume that your SVG is the white shape. How did you create the SVG? Try opening it in an editing application to see if there is a border. If there is, remove it. You could post the actual SVG so we can take a look. Not sure if the forum will allow the uploading of SVG files, so you may have to zip the file before uploading. Another quick fix would be to reduce the size of the underlying image by about 1px in each direction.

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Hi @francbrowne thank you for your suggestions. I did a quick look at the SVG again but couldn’t find any sneaky borders. Yes, reducing the image underneath could do the trick but I am curious about why this is happening and hoping for a possible fix… :thinking:

I tried attaching the SVG compressed but the forum would not allow the .zip format.

I appreciate any further input you might have. Thank you.

Can you upload the SVG to dropbox or to your own server? you can then post link to the file. It may be a good idea to post the underlying image also.

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Hi @francbrowne after my reply to you I decided to take yet another look at the file and this time I placed a red box under the curve and over the alpha section. Indeed the red showed through on the left. That is when I realized that it wasn’t an issue with borders as we originally thought but simply my line was not perfectly straight, there was a tiny angle inwards. :man_facepalming:

I am sorry about all the bother and I am very grateful for your helpful advice and support. Thank you! :pray:

Great, I’m glad you solved it