Switching from Joomla to Sparkle?

I’ve been using Joomla since 2005. I got along with it relatively well.
But now I have to set up my website

Is there anyone here who switched from Joomla to Sparkle?
Does anyone have experience with a possible transition ?


I think you will find designing a website in Sparkle far more satisfying than with Joomla. There isn’t really a transition process as such because they are two different beasts. Joomla, being a CMS, is template and widget driven, and whilst there are many styles of templates and many widgets available, these are not easily created if you want a page designed for your exact taste and style.

Sparkle, on the other hand, is a design tool that offers you the flexibility to lay out your pages exactly as you want them. You won’t have access to the same number of extensions and widgets that Joomla has, and you won’t have the ability to update content through a web interface, you will have total freedom to design how you like. However, if your website doesn’t require constant updates, working with Sparkle may be better. You certainly won’t have the 30mb of application code on your server, and you won’t have to worry about constant security updates. You will simply create your pages and upload them via FTP - its all very simple and quick.

Ultimately, your choice will be dictated by need. If you have a need for a CMS (such as a news site that needs constantly updating) then something like Joomla is the logical answer (although there are other CMS available). But, if you’re looking for a flexible design tool with maximum freedom, then Sparkle is an excellent choice. The learning curve is fairly quick because it works like most page layout applications that you may already be familiar with.

By way of example, the page grab below shows what can be easily created in Sparkle that may be a little more complicated to create in Joomla. (Click on the image to open it and click in the opened image to see it at full size)

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Thank you very much for your comments.

I think I’ll make the switch. Joomla was always a size too big for my website. I just needed someone to confirm that. :wink:

And of course, I really like Sparkle

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@francbrowne Nailed it and for the majority of cases a full blown CMS is just overkill.

Think of Sparkle as not only your web design tool but also your offline CMS offering you far superior privacy and security! And like @francbrowne pointed out you have the freedom to create beautiful masterpieces! :slight_smile:

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