Synchronized swatches

I cannot get my font color to Synchronize throughout my entire website! In other words, I would like to change all of my font colors without having to change each individual page.

When you change the color of the swatches, everything that has this color - not only text - will change.

Do you have text styles? You should!

The ‍first ‍box ‍of ‍the ‍Style ‍panel ‍shows ‍the ‍current ‍text ‍style, ‍which ‍is ‍a ‍combination ‍of ‍font ‍family, ‍weight ‍and ‍style, ‍text ‍size ‍and ‍color, ‍and ‍paragraph ‍attribute.

Then you change the color within the style. And the effect goes to all pages where this style is applied.

Mr. F.