Tag counts along side tag label

As a blogger, I want to provide the best way for my readers to get to the content they want to see. In addition, I want to provide insight to my readers as to what is available to them. Therefore, I’d like to have the option of seeing tag counts with the tag labels.

I currently use a stable set of tags that are leveraged as my menu structure. However, I’d like to expand the use of tags to function not as a menu choice but as another way of identifying the content.

Use case…
My tags currently divide my blogs into the following categories:

  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Politics
  • Regulations

I want to add additional tags so that I can include blog topics such as:

  • Nuclear
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Coal
  • Electricity
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Carbon Capture
  • Transmission

For the topic tags, I’d like to include the number of blogs associated with that topic. I see myself putting a vertical box on pages with the topic tags and their counts where clicking on the topic tags presents a blog index of those blog posts — just like what is seen when a category tag is clicked.

Taken one step further, I would love to see the size of the topic tag in the vertical box to be auto-sized relative to the topic count. (I don’t recall the word/phrase that is used to describe this UI object.)

I know I can do the tag count manually. However, it would be a great time saver if Sparkle can do the counting for me and update the number automatically (and resize?) as additional blog posts are created and tagged.

Great suggestion, thanks!

Tag clouds!

That’s the term I couldn’t remember.