Tag index pages off a menu?

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know if Sparkle 4 can generate tag index pages that can be accessed from a menu?

I use Sparkle for blogging and so the tagging functionality of Sparkle 4 caught my eye. Currently, my DecarbToday.com under the Sparkle 3 feature set has “tags” in a workaround fashion. My tags are buttons that when clicked show a page of all blogs with the same tag. This is exactly what Sparkle 4 brought to the table with filtered index pages when a tag is clicked.

Unfortunately, my way is not dynamic. I must manually update the static tag index pages with each blog post. Sparkle 4 generates dynamic tag index pages with each blog post.

However, I place my static tag index pages as menu choices. Can Sparkle 4 generate its dynamic tag index pages in some way where they are accessible off a menu? It is not apparent to me if it can.