Teach me to blog, please

I’ve been involved in answering my own questions about SparkleApp by experimentation.

Now how do folks create blogs with pictures showing up as thumbnails in the menu list?

I don’t want more RTFM(D) Read the Furnished Documentation because it is scattered and I HAVE read it previously. Watched a lot of video, too.

Don’t want a template, because the design would not be my own.

Anybody willing to help?


Hi, I just tried and made my first blog and it’s almost working. Next step is that I want to make a short video tutorial how to add the blog to a Sparkle website. I’ve made some draft notes with screen captures if that helps?
Best regards, Hans

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“Almost working” ? I’m interested in what that means.
Of course I’d like to see your draft notes.

Mine so far is at https://worldshaman.org/Sparkle-Joe


See https://community.sparkleapp.com/t/menu-in-blog-index/3167?u=moevi.nl for the remaining item.
How can I attach a document here? It looks like I can only attach pictures?

My current test-blog is here: https://www.droneclubborne.nl/blog-index.php

Best regards, Hans

Hi Hans, thanks for the reply.

with your php index I see 3 pictures but clicking on them does not make any change happen.

If your draft notes are not in English I probably can’t understand them.

Attaching text - I don’t know about that.

Did you see my blog? https://worldshaman.org/Sparkle-Joe



Hello @jol I’ve put my notes on this temporary web page https://www.moevi.nl/sparkle_blog.html and I’ve seen your blog. You have managed to create blogs.
My testblogs contained only photos. You want to navigate from the photo in the blog to a page with more details (text)? Can you provide a screenshot of an example that you want?
Best regards, Hans

Hi, In the epic Sparkle Chat that @duncan did on YouTube (for those that have not seen this) he covers the blog feature from about 6.16. For those wishing to explore this new feature its a starting point.

I’ve watched it a couple of times now but I think I need a bit more hand holding.

Oh interesting. What are the things that remain unclear? (Not to say I went in-depth, just there’s not much to it)

Is it possible to share the BikeLife sample blog that @duncan used during the YouTube stream? That will help to discover the BLOG features. Thanks, Hans

Is it possible to have miniature graphics from each blog page appear in the drop down menu items from the main menu fixed at the top of all pages ?

Or are these text only showing just the blog page titles ?



Let’s start with what the questions are.

Menus don’t support images, so no.

Thanks. I thought I remembered some commercial website creator here saying he would be ashamed to show a client a stack of menu items like I used in a test case for a blog.


Well generally there’s eventually too many blog posts to fit in a drop down menu, so you wouldn’t do that no. You would have a regular unassuming “Blog” menu item point to the blog index.

Then optionally hide the blog index ?