Text and images with scroll effects are not visible in the browser

When I run a file published to disk and view it in a browser screen, text and boxes [including images] with scroll effects applied are not visible.

Welcome @William.

when you export to disk Sparkle produces “web ready” files, meaning they are intended to be viewed from a web server. The pages are faster when viewed via a web server, because Sparkle implements the performance improvements that make the site quicker to load (namely deferring loading CSS and Javascript), as suggested by all page speed tests, a metric also used by Google to rank sites.

The problem with the speed-up techniques is they don’t work when loading the page from the Finder directly, and there’s no way to make them compatible.

There are two possible solutions:

  1. view the site via a web server, so publishing it to a hidden/temporary location on your web server
  2. export to disk by setting the “offline compatible” option during export setup, this produces a different slower site that works when loaded from the finder
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