Text and text box sizing help please

Hi, I have made my landscape website. Now I want to make a portrait one.
When I resize text, I want the box it is in to automatically resize at the same time to fit the text so it’s just one operation.
Is that possible or do I always have to click and drag to resize each text box after resizing text every time?
In other words, can I tether the box resizing to the text resizing so it’s one job rather than several for each text box?
Many thanks for help

Welcome onboard @Anska! :slight_smile:

As you describe it that is how it works. The text box size does not auto resize dependant on you increasing your text size. You can select your text boxes on mass (right click & shift) and manually change the dimensions in the right hand panel though.

Here is a bit more on text boxes - Text | Sparkle Documentation

Thanks so much Greenskin.

Is there no way to tether them so they resize together? E.g. Changing box size changes text size… or changing text size changes box size.

Or is that a limitation of the programme?

I believe that is a function of styles only. Text size will not increase automatically when the box is resized. Certainly like the idea though. Changing from a 960 page size to a 320 the text is downsized. Click on the text box in your 320 view and adjust the style.

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