Text backgrounds in buttons act strangely since v4. Bug?

For many labels (buttons) in this project I use a very subtle transparant text background, black but just 25%. That background is only behind the characters.

Since I switched to version 4 there is a second layer of that grey transparant background: the size of the button itself. That effect is visible in Preview and on the published site, but not in Sparkle itself. All my pages are effected.

When I change the text background to Transparant that second background also disappears.

Is this a bug or a feature? Normal text blocks don’t have that problem.

Suggestions? I could change all buttons with text to text blocks (plus transparant button on top), but I have quite a lot of them (and for 3 devices), so I would prefer a more simple solution. :slight_smile:

Hard to tell from screenshots, can’t rule out bugs. The best way to understand it is if you send us a simple project file with just a couple buttons that showcase the problem. feedback@sparkleapp.com