Text blocks colour issue


I am a new user, and loving the software. I have run into a problem, which I cannot for the life of me work out despite reading the documentation:

I have a homepage, upon which I have a few text blocks. I have defined a couple of different styles, and want the text in the text block titles a different colour to the text blocks themselves:

TITLE (this would be in one colour)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam tincidunt lorem enim, eget fringilla turpis congue vitae. Phasellus aliquam nisi ut lorem vestibulum eleifend. Nulla ut arcu non nisi congue venenatis vitae ut ante. Nam (This would be in a different colour)

However, despite having set up 2 different styles, when I change the colour of the text in one block, the colour in the other blocks, which have different styles applied, also changes, although the font sizes etc don’t change.

Please help !!

Hi @vk2003,

this issue is about how Sparkle manages color. If you have the same colorwell in both styles, they are effectively using the same color, even when it’s changed.

You can read more about it here:


The quick fix is to use a “current” color in both, instead of the other colorwells, which are all “global” colors synchronized across all uses.

Thanks Duncan - solution as per help files and your response was to use a standard colorwell for the body text, and a specific (hex defined) colour for the titles (which is what I was trying to do anyway).