Text colours between same pages on responsive sites

Is it possible to make it possible to have different colours of text between pages of responsive sites?

What I mean is, I have a 960px site with the body text defined as a grey colour - this works well on a large screen. But moving to a mobile phone screen, a higher contrast colour; black; works better. However, changing the body text on the 320px site to black also changes it on the 960px site.
The only way around this is to hide the text box on the 320px, and make a new text box with it’s own defined text style. But this makes responsive design very laborious and doubles the footprint of the website.

In the devices setup at the bottom uncheck the ‘synchronize text attributes…’ check box. Sorry away from my computer so it may be named slightly different etc.

I think should do the trick etc


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Hello @vk2003
and @rimram

I have a screenshot for you. :blush:

Screenshot 2020-06-15 at 17.27.18

Thanks @Shadowfax very helpful haha!

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Unchecking this should do the trick, yes …
… although since we’ve had so many questions lately regarding menus, I’m not quite sure anymore. :blush:

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Thank you @rimram, @Shadowfax
Where would I be without you both?