Text Disappears

An odd thing is happening with a page I created. After putting the text in to the text box, then formatting the font, etc. I clicked outside the text box and all of the text disappeared. However, when I went into the Preview mode, all the text was there. There would be times when the text would reappear in the text box when I clicked inside it, but it would eventually go away and it would still show up in the Preview mode.

Hello Halfmoon,
I have already encountered this problem. In fact I think Sparkle turns the copied / pasted text into white. If you select the text, you will see it normally but in white and if your page is white, white on white so invisible … bug?

Just started seeing this white text issue. Random and so far not able to tell if it’s something I’m doing or a bug. For me though it’s definitely white text making if seem the text disappears.

The text I place inside the text box is light gray and is on a black background. It is on a page that has a lot of text. I think it is just a bit buggy when there are really long pages. The issue comes and goes.