Text in Links in Layout block goes missing in portrait smartphone

Much as the title.
I have a large website. On the homepage, I have a layout block containing only text. Within the text there are some links. In all devices, the text appears correctly, with links underlined. Except in “portrait smartphone” in which all the the text comprising the links disappears - the same thing is shown in the preview. I enclose 2 pictures; the second one from portrait smartphone view showing the problem, and the first from the Landscape smartphone view showing how the text should appear.

I’m running MacOs 12.6 on an M1, with Sparkle 4.5.2

Please help!

It has nothing to do with layout blocks.
The links are still present, but have a teeny tiny font. Do you use text styles for links? Then check these and have a look in the documentation: Text | Sparkle Documentation

I’m almost sure that solves your problem.

Mr. F.


Sorted! Nice one Mr. F
It’s still a bug though, as I had 3 paragraphs in that text box. Sparkle unilaterally changed the font size of the one containing the links!