Text in Nav Bar changes from original style

I am in the process of creating a new website but having a slight issue with the Nav bar, I have created it in a Layout block. I initially made it in 1200 pixel breakpoint and it works fine, however, when I made the 960 breakpoint part of the text changed to black and the font also changed apart from Services, I have tried to amend this whilst in this breakpoint but the only text that changes is Services, even when the other text is highlighted. I have included screenshots to show the issue.
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

@Sicherry, have you styled the text you use for your navigation? I see you have two types of text sizes in your 960 indicating that you haven’t styled it or it using the style of your paragraph maybe?

Thank you @FlaminFig I have used the same styling for both breakpoints and when I alter the styling for the 960 breakpoint, ie the font size, it only affects the word ‘services’ and the others remain Black and of a smaller font. as you can see from the new screenshots
Maybe @duncan will be able to shed some light on the issue.

, the settings are identical.

With your 960 device screenshot you have “Services” highlighted.
When you highlight Home, About Us, Contact Us do they also have the same fonts and text sizing?

When I select either Home, About Us or contact, they are shown as having 18 point text and white text but on the screen it still shows it smaller and in black. You don’t think its because its in a layout box?

That is really strange. As I understand it, you can assign only 1 text format to the whole menu, so all entries look the same.

I have not seen anything like that before. I would delete it and redo it from scratch. There is something stuck across that we don’t see here.

Mr. F.

@Sicherry, it might be best to get in contact with Duncan at feedback@sparkleapp.com and explain the situation to him - it could be a bug?

Thank @FlaminFig and @Mr_Fozzie for your help, I have reached out to Duncan via feedback as FlaminFig suggested. I will wait a reply before I do start again just in case it is a bug and Duncan wants to see the file.