Text on desktop vrs text in mobile. Speed changes?

So I have a wide desktop device and a mobile device layout.
Like many I have descriptions of many articles that an artist sells. Hence a lot of text on the desktop layout and must have far less on the mobile layout.
As I move to the mobile layout I use “don’t show on this device” for many text blocks.
My question. Does using the “don’t show” option for text blocks in my mobile slow down the speed of the mobile page?
Many thanks,

I have not experienced something like. When you export your website then Sparkle is writing all needed HTML files on your server, by further investigation I couldn’t find the text in the HTML file that i have chosen “don’t show”

Yes text is always generated, it’s in the HTML which is not per-device, it’s common. But text is is negligible compared to images or other page assets so not really a problem.