Text question between 960 and 320

Newbie question. I find that moving from the 960 view, to the 320 view I’m doing a lot of text manipulation. Regarding speed and workflow is it easier to provide text for the 960 view only, then the 320 view only using the “show only” or in the 320 variant click on text boxes and “don’t show”
I’ve got my pics worked out and usually can use pics on all variants, but the text always fouls me up.
This is elementary stuff but thank you.


Please have a look at Duncans Youtube Video about making a page responsive: Making a page responsive - YouTube

Please use styles for the text. You see why at 5 min 30 sec. in the video.

Playing hide and seek with the text is not a good idea.

Mr. F.


Thanks Mr F. Perhaps I wasn’t succinct enough. My wish that text in text boxes would not duplicate from view to view, but that’s not the case in Sparkle. My text in a larger desktop view is far different in the 320 view, but I know I can hide the text boxes from view to view.

OK. Then I must have misunderstood you. Smartphone owners will only see a reduced or shortened version of your website.

I’m curious how the almighty Mr. Google evaluates this.

Mr. F.