Text wrap, menu alignment and onclick

3 quick questions.

  1. How do you enable text wrap so that the text wraps for different width browsers - potentially changing the height of the text box?
  2. How can you position a horizontal menu so that it always aligns to the centre of the browser’s width?
  3. Perhaps a request, can you “Run a javascript” (or add this option) to the On Click dropdown menu?

Hi @JimPitch,

  1. you switch to different devices and change the wrap mode or layout, text wrapping is separate per device
  2. Sparkle has fixed width layouts, so if you place it centered, it’s always centered
  3. it’s fairly straightforward to do if you know coding, it would be confusing if you’re not (quick summary is add an embed with the function inside a script tag, then use javascript:function() in the external link)

Thanks Duncan - perhaps my descriptions aren’t clear enough.

  1. For text wrapping, I’m expecting the text to wrap in its box as the width of the browser changes. From what I can see happening, the page in Sparkle is a fixed width - requiring the user of the browser to have to scroll right/left to see all the text. This forum exhibits the behaviour I’m expecting, but I’m not seeing it in the previews of my Sparkle pages.

  2. Same problem for the menu positioning - it seems to be a fixed width page, not varied by the size of the browser.

  3. Thanks - I wasn’t aware that an external link would work to a javascript function, I’ll try that out.

Do you have multiple devices set up? Is your page set up to align centered? If you have those then the page will switch layout to a narrower or wider device as needed.

Screenshot 2022-02-03 at 15.18.22
Devices, I think that is the problem. I have all set to Automatic. It is just set for standard widths for different devices - so if a user just wants their browser on half the screen, they can’t see the other half of the page without scrolling right. Whereas this forum wraps when you resize the browser.

No 3 tested and works OK< thanks.