Texts for Privacy and Cookie Policy

This is not really a tutorial, but I think this is where this information fits best.

As it has already been commented in several questions, we are all upside down with the legal texts for data privacy, cookies and so on.

Looking for information on the web about how to elaborate texts for my own websites (one as a graphic communicator and two of non-profit associations) I found a site that offers texts completely free of charge:

It’s a German site run by two guys specialized in cybersecurity. One of them is a lawyer.

Obviously, they don’t offer legal advice and the use of these texts is up to the individual. Still, I think it’s a bit better than copying and pasting legal texts from other sites :wink:

Duncan, if you consider that this is not the best place for this topic, you can tell me where to put it.

I hope it will help you.

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Two other sites that offer free (limited) legal texts with a paid (premium) option for further customization are:


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Gracias!!! Me ha sido de ayuda!

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Todo un placer. Me alegra mucho :blush:

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