Texts get set to Italic itself after restarting the app

Hi, this happens with some font family (webfont) only, not all. I set regular type, save the project and it’s italic again when I re-open the project.

I’m sorry that doesn’t ring a bell. Maybe you can send us a project file that exhibits the problem. feedback@sparkleapp.com

Some texts are set to Italic itself when I open the project although it’s not as you can see at the screenshot I attached

This doesn’t normally happen in sparkle, so it’s something unique to your setup, which is why I ask the send the project file. A screenshot shows the issue, but it’s not like I didn’t believe you. The project file, or a subset, is what actually helps.

Sure I can share, I just tried to explain what I meant
Project file

I opened your project and that text shows properly non italic here.

Maybe there’s something stuck in Sparkle’s font database. You can navigate in the Finder to the Library folder, then Application Support, then eu.riverdesign.sparkle, then remove the Fonts2 folder.

When restarted Sparkle will have you reinstall fonts in any project file that contains fonts you didn’t have installed.

Thank you, deleting the Fonts2 folder solved the issue