Thank You and migration question

Thanks to the community for the warm welcome. I’ve said goodbye to PC and learning Sparkle with my desktop Mac.
Basically I have to duplicate a site constructed with PC software. I’m starting with saving all jpegs and logos.
I’m learning Sparkle but don’t think I can actually save an entire PC page and import due to compatibility.
Has anyone else faced this challenge. Any tips greatly appreciated.

Hello @Woodrow

Yes you can import HTML pages into Sparkle and then continue working on the design. You have to do it page by page.

This question has been discussed here before, here is the link to the most recent thread:

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Yep like @Shadowfax has mentioned very doable.

For websites to work they at minimum need HTML and CSS, but most will use javascript as well. Sparkle does likewise, “Publish(es)” your site as a standard website and can also import a standard website one page at a time… Insert / Import Page

After you have imported your site (which has halved your work) you can get into fine-tuning it or just go crazy because Sparkle allows you the “design”!!! :slight_smile:

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Importing another existing site begins under Sparkle’s INSERT menu (FILE - EDIT - INSERT…)
Use the IMPORT option under that. In the Address box, enter the address of the existing website.
Note that there are arrows to go backwards and forwards like in a web browser.
You may also be able to use the navigation in the existing site to get to the next page to import.

Sparkle will add a blank white page at the top of the page list which you will need to minus out (remove).

You will also need to categorize your homepage as a homepage, instead of a regular page. Look at the drop down menu on the right in Sparkle.

Once all pages are imported, you will have to tweak the layout and fonts, among other things. Some text boxes may need enlarging. You will get the idea right away.

The Import feature will import JPG images, but not slide shows, You will need to recreate those in Sparkle…but it’s drag and drop easy!

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Hi just noticed a problem with your YouTube video on your page… the right third of the video is cropped.
It is fine when viewed on the YouTube page, but not on your page.
Suggest making the window wider, or maybe just removing the video and putting it in again.
Nice video by the way! Love the cat with the red tie!

@macmancape Good catch Dave. Didn’t even notice, thanks for the heads up!

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