Thank you Sparkle Community

Thank you Sparkle Community.

I recently did a redesign of my rather simple blog site ( While it took me longer to complete than planned, it would have taken me much longer if it wasn’t for the support I received from Duncan and fellow Sparkle users in this Community. In particular, I’d like to thank @duncan, @Mr_Fozzie, @FlaminFig, and @jazzbird.

My goal was two fold. (1) I wanted to make it easier for visitors to look at other blog posts and (2) I wanted to spend less time making updates with new posts. Sparkle v4 provided the opportunity with the introduction of blog tags.

My starting point was my blog site created with Sparkle v3 that included my own tagging system which I describe here. (I thought creating one would have been difficult for Duncan. Little did I know!)

To address my first goal, I changed the menu interface and placement. This included where I placed the search function. To address my second goal, I utilized Sparkle v4 tagging functionality, By not having to manually update seven index pages across two blog libraries was a true time saver. Not only was the time saving in updating the pages but also in testing the additional pages.

I also wanted a consistent user interface and this was partially accomplished with the “Customize Index/RSS Summary”. Each blog post has one whose design matches the design of indices and home page.

I am no web designer or developer. But I know what goals I want to achieve with my blog site. I am able to achieve those goals with Sparkle as a tool, and advice and guidance (and even a bug fix release or two) from this Community.

Thank you.



You’re welcome :smiley:

Mr. F.

And thank you.

You did great @DaverD! :slight_smile: :clap:
And thank you for sharing your win! :slight_smile:

That’s such marvellous news and thank you for your lovely update :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We’re so fortunate to have Sparkle and such a supportive community here.

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