That new accordion style only on one page possible

I encounter a strange issue, which I worked now since yesterday with no pleasing result.
That highly recommended accordion, which is done with “initially hidden” layout blocks, is for me only possible to show up on one page. I tried copy the complete accordion with all buttons and settings and layout blocks on a new page - the second accordion work only in preview, not in the published version.
I renamed all elements to prevent copies, not working.
Finally I copied the complete page and still the accordion on the second page does not work as expected.

On this page the accordion works fine:

On this this page the accordion does not work:

Be aware that images are placeholders, … but this has nothing to do with the accordion issue.
I also found, that the header-menu- hides part of the address.
The perfect header is published :
On the subsite:…uweroeder… the city behind the street address is hidden somewhere.
But also, this is not my main issue.

Thanks in advance and Kind Regards,

I have sent you an important private message, please go and read it quickly, if you please.

THX. How does one share sparkle files then? If not like this? My issue here is, that accordions work fine in preview but not published.

Thanks in advance,

I hosted it on my end, and I have the same issue as you. However, by disabling the option to close other layout blocks, which is currently experiencing some problems, it works fine. You did the right thing, we just need to wait for an update to fix the issue :smile:

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Hi Allan,

many THX.

Kind Regards,

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And to @Mr_Fozzie as well, who spotted the issue before me :slight_smile:

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