The Classic Startup Chime has Changed!

If you’re on Catalina and, you just installed the latest Security Update from Apple, released Dec. 15, 2020, you’ll notice now that the iconic “startup chime” has changed:

It seemed initially these new sounds were only for Big Sur, but the startup chime has been ported to machines running the latest Catalina install. And the change is permanent; it’s been altered in the mainboard firmware chip, no matter what OS you boot into.

When this happened to me I thought, “Oh god, hardware failure…” because this new chime is drastically different. (Not sure I like it.)

So don’t freak out and call Apple like I did initially; it’s just “progress”.

Happy holidays to all.

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@producerguyaz, Thank you for sharing and alleviating our “madness”!
Compared to what it was it does sound like my audio fails at the time I hear it… And now after hearting it a number of times it doesn’t command my attention like it use too!.. Ahhh, progress!

Glad to help.
It’s official: I hate this re-worked chime. It sounds anemic and less dramatic.