The email send from the form

How can I edit the email which is send from the form when it is filled in?

Everything works fine, but the email received is rather elementary. It would be nice if I could add some extra standard lay-out or info.

From what I know @Jurrien it is not possible at this stage.

Would be fantastic if we had a bit more control over the layout of the sent email…

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I think what you’re asking for is something beyond the capabilities of most web development apps. Typically, a script on your server receives the content from your web form and then sends that content via an email server to your chosen email address. In order for that content to be stylised, it would have to go through an intermediate server-side step that takes the form content and populates an HTML template hosted on your server. The resulting HTML email would then be sent to you.

If this is something that is important to you, you should use a third-party script that has that functionality built in. For example, the Tectite Formail Script (which works perfectly with Sparkle) will allow you to create either plain text or HTML email templates that the script can use with your form data. This is not a function of the web development platform, so your templates will have to be created in either a plain text editor or an HTML editor (using placeholders for form data). You would then configure the script to use your template before sending you the final email.


Perhaps I am indeed asking the impossible. But I can already create dynamic pages in Sparkle, like search pages and the blog pages. And also think about the bog-index page.

So it doesn’t seem like a problem to me to create a similar template within Sparkle that is filled with the dynamic form-fields, Just like we already use smart-objects.

But maybe I see it a bit too simple (I am too much of a layman). But Sparkle seems to me already far too advanced to leave the creation of an internal mail template to third parties.

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Yes it’s a good suggestion. Just not possible at this stage.