The images doesn't load

Hi, I want to create a web page that I will send to my costumers by email (email html) and there is to many platforms that can did it, but I already used them and I continue prefer Sparkle because I did 3 web pages with Sparkle.
The issue is that my images doesn’t load but the text and the buttons does when I send it by email so I don’t know how to fix that, if somebody know how to fix it please text me to my personal email:

@roberto_1, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Probably not the best way of going about having your client see their in progress website.
The best way I would recommend is publishing your in progress website build to your server in a “dev” (short for development) folder and then pass on the URL to your client so to view it in their browser.

I think (and I stand corrected) the images are not appearing because they are fixed linked (file name using your setup) not dynamic linked.

I would suggest to take control back into your development environment where you know what is going on instead on someone else’s computer.

Oh, okay.
I don’t write exactly my problem, sorry haha, my bad. The English not is my native language.
I make personalizing emails to the company’s costumers where im working, personalizing emails like Mailchimp.
I’m not uploading the progress of a page, I make emails. Btw thank you for the tip

And talking about the dynamic link, if I configure the image with a dynamic link, Do I’ll can see the images in the email?

And How I can make a image with a dynamic link in Sparkle?

So your image above is what you see in your email client, like Outlook?
So you are making email newsletters in Sparkle?

Sparkle doesn’t create specific email newsletter code which works different (because is is still from the dark old days) to what Sparkle generates - compliant html website code.

Sorry, I’m a bit confused what you are trying to do.
Are you using Sparkle to create an email newsletter like what you would use Mailchimp for?

Yes, something like that.
Im trying to use sparkle with email marketing, for example, locking for new costumers and I know how to share the web page by email but my only problem is that the images doesn’t load.
Im using sparkle because the other web pages where I can make the emails cost money.
So maybe if we can fix the problem of the images, I can use sparkle with this propose, I prefer it because sparkle is so good

Ok @roberto_1 got you.
Can you please place the link here to the Sparkle site and I’ll take a look and see why the images are not loading…

Yes of course.
That’s one of the pages that im trying to send the html email but the only thing is that the images doesn’t load on the email.
Also when im trying to send one of my web pages for test reasons, the email doesn’t load all the page, only a half

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Hola Roberto, ¿y porque no envías solo el enlace de la web?
Por otro lado:
.1¿cómo te integraste el botón de chat de WhatsApp?
2. Acabo revisar tu página desde mi iPad, y en vertical el mail de contacto se corta… Debes agrandar el espacio del casillero del texto, adj imagen.