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So I use Sparkle, so does that make me a ’Sparkler?' or would it be grammatically correct to say that I’m a ’Sparklelist?' And now that I have introduced my daughter to Sparkle, does that make her a ’Sparklet?'… and my musings go even further…

We often here the word ‘widget’ for what could be described theoretically as a ‘mini’ application within the Sparkle framework (I’m thinking of things like the ‘gallery widget’). But should they not be called ’Sparklets’?… but then what does that make my biological off spring daughter (well I hope she is, you never know these days… ahem…) I wouldn’t like to think she is a ’mini’ application within the Sparkle framework, after all!.. Now I’m confused.

Also If you @import a design into Sparkle does that mean that you have ’Sparkled’ the design? or have you done a ’Sparklelization’?

And if a design has some traits of a Sparkle design, should we say… ’that is Sparklelistic in nature’?

So to end my turmoil, has anyone else any thoughts on the subject?

The musings of a demented Sparlkler, or Sparklelist… or whatever I am!

Scott (recently diagnosed with OSS)


@rimram, Ok a bit of advice… take a pill and sleep! :slight_smile:

Should you like what you see while editing, does that mean there’s a “sparkle” in your eye?
Should you be drinking “Sparkletts®” water while editing?
Does having a brainstorm become the equivalent of a “spark” of inspiration?
I could go on…


@producerguyaz, Just nooooooooo! :slight_smile: See what you have started @rimram???

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Thank you, great advice as always, taking a pill did the trick :joy:

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Did you drink some Sparkletini?


@duncan, Oh no! You didn’t just say that! :slight_smile: Although that sounds delicious! :slight_smile:

Well alternatively @rimram might have these playing in a loop:

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Haha, now I have some wonderful contributions from the maestro himself @duncan. Sometimes it’s good to have a little fun amongst all the ‘serious’ stuff that goes on!

After a long day of designing you can get yourself a can of…


In french, we could say: “@rimram, tu as fumé la moquette?”…

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I certainly did! Thank goodness for Google translate :slight_smile:

All kinds of awesome :smile:

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Lest we forget, you can always email your favorite people using “Spark” app while editing in Sparkle. Hmmm… kissing cousins maybe? Who came first?
If I get hit in the head hard enough, will I see “sparkles” before my eyes?