The new Sparkle crashes by uploading the website

I upgraded from the latest PRO-version to 4.0.

But when I tried to upload the website, Sparkle crashed immediately. I restarted Sparkle, filled in the new password function, but still Sparkle crashes.

So I have installed a back-up (the Sparkle-app and my site-file) and now its working again.

Please send us the project file and we’ll fix it.

Same here, after updating to 4.0 with 3.x license, Sparkle crashes when I either try to upload or preview the page.

Same. Send the project via and we’ll look into it.

The upgrade-price is correct now.

But I wait until the problem, which causes Sparkle to crash at uploading the website-file, is solved. Upgrading now would mean that my website is not maintainable and that is out of the question, of course.

I other words: I hope the crash-problem is solved as quick as possible.