The output on all three Live and the one ServerSide

Have one page that is no longer displaying properly.


In the pict from left to right:
chrome, firefox, Sparkle, Safari… Sparkle is correct.

Its several Titles going down the page.

I rebooted, No change.
Reopened the project and went looking for what would make a difference.
Turned out, if I changed the depth of the titles it went back to normal.

I can only add that in order to troubleshoot things, we most likely need to project file that’s exhibiting the incorrect behavior.

For example we have a set of fixes ready to be released as 2.8.13, so we can check against that. We always have an in-progress collection of fixes.

Or it could be about multi-device layouts and chrome/safari/Firefox having a different width, so loading different layouts.

Really hard to say with a few screenshots that are already old.

I hadn’t created Multi device yet… I can send you a copy of the file but, I’m not sure
if the last full save copy will exhibit the same behavior as the current file I am working from.

Sure so next time something happens that you can’t explain, just duplicate the project file in the finder and set it aside. If you can’t solve it we can look at that.