The power of Sparkle!

I can’t get enough of playing with Sparkle. I saw Duncan’s video on Sparkle 3 and one thing caught my eye: horizontal canvas to canvas scrolling images. Here is something I could make in 10 hours in sparkle only (no image editing softwares used including for the logo). What do you guys think?


Wow @Nathan, you have done a fantastic job!!! :slight_smile: Kudos!
Love it and it works really well on tablet and mobile!

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Pffff!!! Amazing! :smiley: So much ideas to explore on this. Thanks Nathan! Did you have another websites to share?

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This is a really nice use of the parallax/horizontal scroll effect. This is great!


@Nathan … Amazing … :wave:

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Spectacular!!! Great design

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Really fun website!
It manages to be entertaining but not too busy to be readable.

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Love it! Looks great on my iPhone!
I played with it forwards and backwards….more fun than what’s on TV! Good job! You inspired me and many more Sparkle users, too!
Duncan should use this in his demo video!

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@Nathan super cool! Love to see more.

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Very creative, and tastefully done.

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Blown away! It’s really excellent and inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

I think it’s very cool and creative.

Like everyone else … I thought it was great !

And now I’m wondering if it took everyone a long time to download the site …
I opened it on an iMac Pro with standard Spectrum Hi-speed and it seem to take
“forever” (: to completely load.

My sincere compliments! Your own company website inspired me earlier to explore Sparkle even more, but this is amazing (what you can do with Sparkle). It 's good to know!

Waouuuu ! Very very nice !

Put on some nice music and off you go! On the road again, traveling with Admass! Great work!!

Really excellent @Nathan! Great job!

Excellent work! your website is amazing! I’m really new to the app and I’m coming from a backend/programming side of things. I love how easy it is to incorporate design-something I know little about. I would love to watch this video of Duncan that taught you how to do this. Where could I find it?

I found it :slightly_smiling_face:. It’s a treasure trove of information! For anyone else that may not know this channel on YouTube, it is here:

Love it! Even the tires on the vehicles spin.